Ziqitza Healthcare, Odisha’da 112 ERV ve Chhattisgarh’da 104 Yardım Hattını Başlatarak Hindistan’daki Ayak İzlerini Genişletiyor

Ziqitza Healthcare, Odisha'da 112 ERV ve Chhattisgarh'da 104 Yardım Hattını Başlatarak Hindistan'daki Ayak İzlerini Genişletiyor

Asya’nın en büyük özel acil tıbbi hizmet (EMS) sağlayıcısı olan Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. (ZHL), Chhattisgarh Eyaletindeki Odisha ve 104 Sağlık Yardım Hattı Hizmetlerinde ilk aşamada 106 adet 112 acil müdahale aracından 61 ERV’yi başarıyla dağıttı. Bu, Ziqitza’nın ekibinin Odisha’daki hizmetleri 108 acil servisle daha da genişletmesini ve ayrıca Chhattisgarh’daki 104 Sağlık Yardım Hattı ile belirtilen Chhattisgarh’ta genişlemesini sağladı. Ziqitza bu sözleşmeleri rekabetçi bir ihale süreciyle kazandı.

112 ERV ve 104 Chhattisgarh’ın Lansman Etkinliği

These new 112 emergency response vehicles will act in similar lines to that of a PCR van. But to manage the tasks more efficiently these new vans have been equipped with modern systems such as GIS and GPS. With these additions, assistance will be provided promptly and effectively at the time of emergency situations such as crime, mob acts or accidents. The aim of this new service, is to address the distress calls by the citizens in a more coordinated manner. Shri Sunil Kumar Bansal, IPS, Director General of Police flagged off 106 Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs) at an event organized at OSAP 6tn Battalion ground, Cuttack.


Speaking on the occasion, Sri Sabyasachi Biswal, State Head, Ziqitza Healthcare Limited, the managing company operating agency for 112 ERVs in the state said, "Earlier Odisha Govt. has launched an all-encompassing-encompassing emergency helpline number '112' to bring police, fire brigade, ambulance and other services under the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS). The launch of these new 61 ERVs out of 106 ERVs, are in line with state govt's effort in strengthening the 112 service. This initiative will be a key enabler to ensure timely response in case of any emergency and a boom to the 4.3 crore population of the state."


ZHL is experienced in managing 104 Health Helpline services with existing projects in Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and have experienced and trained staff that addresses the callers. Ziqitza has the experience of handling over 20,000 calls in a day and ensuring trained team to manage different type of queries. The caller’s problems are generally related to common ailments cough, cold, fever, diet, skin problems, nutrition and hygiene related are addressed as a part of the helpline’s medical advice given by qualified doctors. Trained psychologists are also part of this service and offers telephonic support and counselling to people suffering from stress, depression, anxiety, post trauma recovery, HIV, AIDS, STI and adolescent age-related problems. A 30-seater Call Center to be setup in Raipur, from where the entire state of Chhattisgarh will be served. Algorithm based application technology along with Mother and Child Tracking System (MCTS) and Grievance Redressal system with advance technology will be used in the system.


The 104-helpline number offers all round medical assistance to people in four major areas. These are Medical Advice, Medical Information, Counselling and Complaint Registration. Under the medical information section, queries by people about hospitals, other institutions, diagnostic services etc. are resolved.

Speaking about the development, Mr. Chandan Datta, Business Head, Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. said, “With the help of 112 ERV in Odisha & 104 helpline in Chhattisgarh, we are committed to helping people in distress. We deeply appreciate of the support and cooperation we have received from the State Government agencies & NHM - Both Odisha & Chhattisgarh that given us the opportunity to serve the people of the states. The 112 initiatives will be a key enabler to ensure timely response in case of any emergency. Also 104 helpline aims to provide people one stop solution for any advice or information relating to their health and we would like to urge people to avail this service to get solutions for their health-related queries.”


Ziqitza Healthcare Limited Hakkında

Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL), has been one of the leading players in India’s Emergency Medical Services industry since 2005. Ziqitza is a “one-stop integrated healthcare solution” for corporate or government that include Integrated Emergency Services and Corporate Health Solutions. The service network includes 3,600 ambulances across 16 states with state-of-art Helpline centres ZHL services 2 beneficiaries every second in India. Ziqitza Health Care Limited is a professional company supported by reputed investors like Acumen Fund, HDFC, IDFC and India Value Fund on board. We work with multiple state governments and 75 corporate clients in India and Gulf. Ziqitza is winner of Global Real impact Awards and Times Social Impact Award.
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