Mtalkz, ‘Sınırsız Mesajlaşma Sanatı’ Konulu Bir Etkinliğe Ev Sahipliği Yapacak

Hızla büyüyen bir bulut iletişim platformu sağlayıcısı olan Mtalkz Mobility Services, CIO KLUB ile birlikte ‘Gelişmekte Olan Teknolojiyi Kullanan Sınırsız Mesajlaşma Sanatı’ konulu bir iş konferansına ev sahipliği yapıyor. Etkinlik 27 Mayıs 2022 Cuma günü Aerocity, Yeni Delhi’deki Pride Plaza Hotel’de gerçekleştirilecektir. Etkinliğin başlama saati 18:30’dur.


The business needs are changing, and technology is continuously evolving to transform processes and capabilities to enhance experiences for enterprises and brands. For enterprises looking forward to leap into the future, there is a need to unlock deeper insights and powerful analytics that can create differentiated customer experiences. Through the event ‘The Art of Messaging’, Mtalkz will unleash new ways that would offer sophisticated messaging solutions to enhance enterprise value for creating better customer experience.


The event would focus on innovative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), Web 3.0, and Data Enrichment to help enterprises drive superior business decisions. The need of the hour for enterprises is to become competent and more profitable by encouraging new means of communication channels and user engagement.


Speaking about the event, Abhishek Prakash, Founder of Mtalkz Mobility Services (P) Limited, states, “We are excited to host the event for the CIOs, industry leaders and technology experts. Communication has become a challenge, while messaging remains an art. It’s time to bring new developments and opportunities for new-age digital enterprises to explore how we can create a truly limitless experience for their customer engagement through messaging solutions.”


Mtalkz believes that the customer journey is at the heart of every business operation. Therefore, this event aims to offer a rewarding opportunity for people from different business spheres to come together, explore and capitalise on the latest messaging technologies and communication channels. By doing so, everyone can collectively find ways to succeed in this competitive corporate world.


The format of the event will include an opening keynote session by Dr. Srikanth Sundararajan - Entrepreneur and General Partner (VenturEast), presentations on CPaaS innovations by Mtalkz and Partner’s, panel discussion and a life transformation session by C-suite Coach - Anish Rakheja. Among the panellist would be India’s successful business leaders including, Mr. Arun Attri, CIO - Wonder Cement, Mr. Mayank Bedi, Senior GM - Dalmia Bharat Group, Mr. Avtar Monga - Governance Council Member FACE and Mr. Shivendra Misra - Director APAC at IAB Tech Lab. Around 50+ CIOs of large corporations will be a part of this event. The event will be a blend of knowledge-based and life-transformation sessions, followed by power talks, light entertainment and networking dinner.


Mtalkz hakkında

Founded in 2017, Mtalkz is an omnichannel cloud communication PaaS player. It has offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Its portfolio of services includes Bulk Sms, Voice, Email, IVR Systems, WhatsApp Business API, Rich Cards, Chatbots and Marketing Automation. It excels at building richer customer engagement experiences for enterprises by providing a combination of smart APIs, uninterrupted messaging infrastructure, failproof delivery, extraordinary convenience, cost-effective pricing, and comprehensive support. Mtalkz serves over 400 enterprises spanning FinTech, EdTech, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, E-Commerce, BFSI, and SaaS startups. Mtalkz thrives on using leading-edge technologies to enable enterprises to provide a connected, secure and delightful user experience.
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